Intelligent revolving cabinet

Intelligent revolving cabinet

Product Details

Basic functions and parameters of the intelligent rotary library system:

Model: IWMS5500

Specifications: 2620mmx 1080mmx3190mm host weight: about 800kg

Power: S1.5kw

Power: AC220V+10%

In-depth library

Storage method:

Touch screen query or sweep code manual loading;

Storage speed:

Not less than 500 boxes / hour

Outbound method:

Computer-driven motor rolling operation indicator

Out of the library operation, the longest running time, 15 seconds, the outbound speed: the fastest 2s/single

Barcode scanner recognition distance: 20-200mm barcode scanner recognition prompt: sound and light tips


Storage method of items: hopper;

Hopper specifications: length: 2190mm, width 300mm, height 320mm;

Number of hoppers: 14:

Storage of items: about 140 boxes (depending on the size of the specific material box).


After the system is turned on, the power-on self-test can be performed. If the position of the roller unit is confirmed, if it is not normal, the alarm prompts, and the fault must be eliminated. After the origin returns, the operation mode can be entered;

The system has an emergency stop button installed at each operation port to encounter an emergency situation, and the emergency button can be pressed to stop the movement of the moving parts of the system;

Raster protection. The gratings on both sides of the drum are installed. When the movement of the obstructing machine stops, it is necessary to confirm that the alarm interface is cleared after no obstruction. If the obstructing device does not move, continue to prompt.

Environmental data acquisition (temperature and humidity sensor SHT21 normal gas sensor S+

Humidity data acquisition, display resolution 0.1;

Temperature data acquisition, display resolution 0.1;

Nitrogen concentration data acquisition, display resolution 0.1;

Environmental history data can be presented in the form of curves and lists and can be queried and printed.

The device reserves an interface protocol with the MES system or ERP;

Database scheduled backup function;

According to user requirements, nitrogen concentration can be selected to control nitrogen on and off.