Intelligent hair feeder

Intelligent hair feeder

Product Details

Basic parameters of intelligent hair machine :

Model: IWMS3600

Specification size: 1800*4800*3100mm (Specification size can be customized)

Equipment height limit: to be determined according to the height of the site;

Floor bearing requirements: load capacity of not less than 400Kg per square meter

Ambient temperature and humidity: imported SHT21 high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, imported S+40X oxygen concentration sensor, remote monitoring of temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, humidity and nitrogen concentration, real-time data and historical data retrieval;

Nitrogen purity: (0.5-0.8) MPa, purity 99.9% or more;

Equipment performance parameters:

Storage capacity requirements: designed according to the quantity of materials

Storage material size and weight: designed according to the quantity of materials

Access material method: designed according to the quantity of materials, can be docked with MEs system

Barcode scanning system: The material shortage material realizes the early warning function.

Inventory warning function: can set material safety stock, carry out low alarm, safety stock, etc. can be adjusted separately

Transceiver: The technical task list is connected with the MES and ERP systems, and the materials, materials, data upload and download are automatically exchanged automatically without human intervention.

Management: The batch unloading mode realizes the single work order discharge, and can be arranged from left to right according to the MES order according to the station order discharge management.

Intelligent blanking: You need to set the material window that is not recognized, which is convenient for returning materials.

Administrative rights: Support operator rights management, record operation logs.

Power-off processing: The system configures the UPS power supply to ensure that the information is saved or not lost after the equipment is abnormal or powered off.

Power off UPS: Provide UPS support time, no less than 10min

Equipment failure alarm: Supports sound and light alarm function.

Storage design: storage specification design material size requirements

Anti-fall design in the warehouse: Multi-axis robots are designed with clamping devices in multiple directions to ensure that the material does not fall during the movement.

Storage identification: The system can intelligently identify the storage location.

Informatization requirements:

Device interface data interaction software requirements: Open MES/WMS/ERP interface, can realize AGV car docking.

Device interface interaction data requirements: The system interconnects through Ethernet and interacts with multiple screens.

Operating system: Win7 operating system.