Intelligent warehousing logistics system solution

Intelligent warehousing logistics system solution

Product Details

System goal:

Connect the WMS system to improve the real-time, effectiveness and accuracy of SMT production line material supply and information flow: Improve the standardization and refinement level of SMD device warehousing logistics management, and meet the material demand of factory lean production. Main project objectives: including:

● Interoperate with the upper system such as WMS system;

● Develop a standardized standard interface for logistics equipment and realize integration with various logistics equipment WCS systems.

Implementation object:

●Intelligent SMD device storage system: including turntable, scan code, code labeling, AGV transport, automatic access, JTI, automatic feeding system, production line connection mechanism, automatic material inventory and return, empty Automatic transfer and distribution system for materials such as tank flow.

● Material conveying and control system: including dynamic cache feeding, multi-point concurrent material demand, emergency calling, JI calling, automatic calling, etc., and supporting PCRF, man-machine interface and other materials, supporting multi-mode reverse Logistics.

Business Process: