Temperature safety monitoring system

Temperature safety monitoring system

Product Details

Zhian Cun product features :

Equipment material: thick steel material, anti-static paint on the surface, need to be insulated; refractory insulating bakelite is laid on the bottom and left and right sides of the test room; the front door panel is made of insulating acrylic plate; the back plate is made of stainless steel wire mesh.

Temperature monitoring: The system temperature monitoring software automatically senses the temperature of each test room in real time.

Display system: Temperature 1-100 °C can be displayed. Display accuracy ±1 °C.

Temperature alarm: If the ambient temperature is controlled at 22 ° C, the system will alarm when the ambient temperature is lower than 19 ° C or higher than 25 ° C;

Power module: Adopt switching power supply, and each test room is independently powered.

Sensing system: It adopts digital temperature sensor imported from the United States with high precision, strong stability and low drift rate.

Data and communication lines: Each test equipment has 24 test units. Each unit needs to monitor the temperature. Each test equipment corresponds to one IP address, and one IP needs to hang 24 data acquisition sections.

Monitoring System Software - The system monitors the temperature of each test room and displays the current temperature data.