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Electronic moisture-proof box company tells you: What is the development and application of green moisture-proof packaging paper?
- 2018-08-25-

Electronic moisture- proof box company tells you: What is the development and application of green moisture-proof packaging paper?

Many commodities (or products) are subject to mold, moisture, deterioration, rust, etc. when subjected to external moisture during storage and transportation, which may damage the quality of the goods. Such as crisp food, medicine, precision instrumentation, etc., will be degraded by the action of moisture. Therefore, for products that are affected by moisture absorption, it is necessary to apply moisture-proof packaging. The function of the moisture-proof packaging is to slow down or block the flow of external moisture into the package through the high-resistance packaging material or to absorb the moisture infiltrated into the package with the desiccant, to maintain the moisture content of the product and to obtain a certain shelf life. At present, general moisture-proof packaging adopts high moisture-proof moisture-proof paper packaging or plastic film packaging to obtain certain moisture-proof packaging requirements. However, for puffed foods or other high-grade products with high moisture-proof requirements, it is necessary to seal the desiccant to ensure the flavor of the food or Quality requirements such as brittleness. Moisture-proof packaging materials refer to packaging materials that are impervious or difficult to pass through water vapor. Commonly used moisture-proof packaging materials are paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. In addition to the function of ordinary packaging materials, the special requirements of moisture-proof packaging materials in moisture-proof packaging are low moisture permeability. The lower the moisture permeability of the moisture-proof material, the better the moisture resistance. Commonly used moisture-proof paper packaging materials include moisture-proof cellophane, paraffin paper, polyvinyl chloride processing paper, asphalt waterproof paper, polyethylene processing paper, aluminum-plastic composite moisture-proof paper, moisture-proof corrugated cardboard, and the like.