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Electronic moisture-proof box company tells you: electronic moisture-proof cabinet features
- 2018-08-25-

Electronic moisture- proof box company tells you: electronic moisture-proof cabinet features

Electronic moisture-proof cabinet features electronic moisture-proof cabinet without fan, no noise, no moisture, no frost, no heat effect, and the dehumidification effect is firm. The use of polymer material moisture absorption material can be quickly dehumidified, the temperature and humidity degree sensor is considered appropriate and the imported original brand is used. This product has eight unique places: 1. LED super bright digital display, temperature and humidity degree sensor is considered suitable and imported original Famous brand, the degree of warmth and humidity is independently revealed, and the life span is long. The degree of humidity can be set and has a memory function, and there is no need to set it after power off. 2. The degree of wetting is clearly set to range from 0% to 99% HH, and the temperature range is -9°C to 99°C. The precision is revealed: the degree of wetting is ±3 percent RH; the temperature is ±1 °C. 3. The movement utilizes Chinese-foreign cooperation technology and is considered suitable for use with imported moisture absorbing materials. 4. The only moisture-proof box in the industry with an intelligent tanning system. Semi-automatically determine the degree of wetness in the machine to vote for office hours, save energy and materials, and extend the life of the product. The high-temperature flame-retardant material is used in the main body casing to prevent safety hazards. 5. The cabinet is made of 1mm and 1.2mm high-quality steel plates. It has multiple reinforcement structures, good load-bearing performance, preset structure and strict sealing performance. 6. Appearance treatment uses advanced 18-step orange-orange paint, which is highly resistant to corrosion. 7. The door is set with 3.2mm high safety glass and anti-rolling ear structure preset. With the simplest face to increase the pressure, the lock is integrated and preset, and there is anti-theft function. The bottom is mounted with a movable brake wheel for easy movement and fixing (anti-static casters are anti-static).