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The intelligent rotary cabinet company Fanak tells you what to pay attention to when using the moisture-proof box?
- 2018-07-31-

The intelligent rotary cabinet company Fanak tells you what to pay attention to when using the moisture-proof box ?

1. Do not install the machine near electric or magnetic interference sources.

2. Please do not use it in open air, high temperature and humidity conditions, and store the machine.

3. When the equipment is being repaired, turn off the power and cut off the power to prevent electric shock or short circuit.

4. The equipment is installed in a position that is balanced and cannot be tilted or unstable.

5. If the device is suspended, it is recommended to turn off the main power of the device to protect the device.

6. The operation of the equipment must be performed by a full-time staff (trained) and in accordance with the operating instructions, and other personnel must not operate at will.

7. When using, you can't press more than two buttons at the same time. Otherwise, it will cause malfunction and affect the work.

8. Make sure all parts of the equipment are well grounded.


1. The moisture barrier must be placed on a level, solid surface. Turn the adjustment foot to the balance position.

2. The north side of the moisture-proof box is reserved for a certain space to facilitate the exhaust, not less than 5CM from the wall or other items.

3. Connect the cable, connect the mother and child on the main unit in series, and plug in the power supply (220V/50Hz).

4. The humidity can be set. The product can be adjusted to the required value by connecting the UP and DOWN buttons.

5. Use the empty box for more than 12 hours after the first power-on and after not using it for a long time, and confirm that the humidity drops to a lower level.

6. Open the door of the moisture-proof box. After the chip is installed in an anti-static bag, write the corresponding item number on the partition in the moisture-proof box.

7. Close the door of the moisture-proof box and lock it. The entire door opening process is controlled within 1 minute.

8. When the item is placed in the moisture-proof box, the humidity in the moisture-proof box will rise due to the moisture contained in the object itself. It may take 1 to 2 days for the humidity to drop.