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What are the working principles of the electronic moisture-proof box?
- 2018-07-31-

What are the working principles of the electronic moisture-proof box ?

1. Traditional electronic moisture-proof cabinet: The working principle of this type of moisture-proof cabinet drying cabinet is adsorption type. It is a high-absorbent material such as molecular plug. It is distributed in the cabinet, first adsorbing the moisture of the material attachment, and then using the diffusion of humidity difference. In turn, the moisture in the cabinet is gradually absorbed, and the purpose of reducing the humidity in the cabinet is achieved.

Second, the rise of the semiconductor electronic moisture-proof cabinet: This type of moisture-proof cabinet generally uses the cooling effect of the semiconductor, and uses the characteristics of the moisture to meet the condensation, drying the principle of the moisture in the cabinet, and then using the humidity Poor diffusion, which in turn dries the entire cabinet.

3. Inflatable moisture-proof cabinet: It is dehumidification by using the principle of dry gas to replace the moisture in the cabinet. It is mainly used to fill the dry gas in the cabinet, and the dry gas and the humid gas have different proportions, and the special method is used. The humid gas is removed, and then the residual gas in the cabinet is used to achieve low humidity.