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Fanak Electronics tells you how to use the intelligent nitrogen cabinet and its daily maintenance methods
- 2018-08-01-

Fanak Electronics tells you how to use the intelligent nitrogen cabinet and its daily maintenance methods?

The nitrogen cabinet is mainly used to reduce the dryness of the outside of the cabinet after using various dry skills, so as to reach the goal of moisture proof, mildew proof, oxidation prevention, rust prevention, micro-drying, etc., and the useful back-protection object is not ambiguous. The risk of dry gas and oxygen, delaying the era of preservation of articles, especially regarding the threat of cultural relics.

The use of nitrogen cabinets:

Nitrogen cabinets are more widely used outside the electronics industry. As usual, they are requesting ultra-low dry conditions, but they cannot be dried. It is primarily achieved by carefully infusing the oxygen-containing atmosphere inside the nitrogen-replacement tank outside the sealed box. The biggest achievement of using a nitrogen storage cabinet is that its operating cost is the same as that of the previous one. For example, the volume of the tank is reduced to 1450, and the flow rate per minute is 85, so the cost of nitrogen consumed every year is about 9 Ten thousand yuan.

At the same time, the use of nitrogen cabinets because of its large amount of nitrogen will reduce the oxygen content in the room. If it is left in the office for a long time, it will become a matter of staff fatigue, affecting human health, and the dryness inside the nitrogen cabinet will also be neglected. Low, not constant, so you can't grasp the external dry gas. Therefore, people need to add more detail when they use it.

1. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness. Every day, it is necessary to check whether the equipment table can be cleaned and clean. The wheel coordination gear should not have oil pollution, nor can it show signs of water leakage in the cabinet.

2. Keep the equipment outside the cabinet neatly arranged. Perhaps you think that neatness is not related to the use of the cabinet, you are wrong. If the objects outside the cabinet are randomly stacked, it will affect the volatilization of nitrogen outside the cabinet.

3, on the control of the rigid, must be strictly in accordance with the use of imitation single manipulation, probably looking for amateur staff to operate, fair use, heart protection, to ensure that the cabinet will not have security risks.

4. Maintain dull lubrication. When the rigid board is in use, it is necessary to add lubricating oil from time to time to ensure the normal operation of the rigid board.