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Fanak Electronics tells you how to buy a moisture-proof box?
- 2018-07-31-

Fanak Electronics tells you how to buy a moisture-proof box ?

1. Electronic moisture control moisture-proof box is a special product. It has special requirements for maintenance. For example, the failure of memory alloy can not be repaired by the appliance repair department. The adjustment of the sensor and hygrometer also requires special artificial environment. It is difficult for non-factory to solve. . Therefore, when purchasing, you should consider whether the product has reliable repair service, and choose legal products with maintenance guarantee and reliable source of spare parts in the future to ensure that the products you purchase can be used for a long time, and the maintenance can be guaranteed.

2, as far as possible to choose a dynamic dehumidifier type with fast humidity, this point can not be ignored. The price difference between static natural permeation dehumidification machine and dynamic high-speed dehumidifier type is not very large, but the effect is very different. In addition, the dehumidification speed of the electronic moisture-proof moisture-proof box is also affected by the environmental humidity, and the environmental humidity and the things to be stored in the box are variable in the future, or it may be that when there is a frequent pick-and-place situation or to be placed Some items with high water content, if there is no room left, once the door is opened, it takes two or three days for the humidity to drop, and you will regret it. Nowadays, some individual optoelectronics, semiconductors, and museums want to save two yuan to buy static natural infiltration and dehumidification products. In fact, they open the door and pick up equipment several times a day. The humidity has been reduced to a safe range, and the result is virtually impossible. , white money. In addition, if possible, you need to buy a moisture-proof moisture-proof box with a larger volume. Because, according to the component / unit, the big is smaller than the small. Moreover, there may be an increase in the number of items stored in the future, and the volume should be appropriately left.

3. For professional users who require high storage conditions and materials for storing valuables or very important materials, as well as for long-term preservation for several years, the Smurfs dynamic adsorption fast precision moisture control series should be selected and used at the same time. Professional grade products for electronic humidity sampling and control and display. Compared with the extra money spent, the reliability of the product and the long-term safety of the stored items are the first.