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Electronic moisture-proof cabinet company Fanak tells you how digital cameras use moisture-proof boxes to protect them from moisture
- 2018-07-31-

Electronic moisture-proof cabinet company Fanak tells you how digital cameras use moisture- proof boxes to prevent moisture?

Spring is a rainy season. When using a digital camera every day, pay attention to moisture and water. Be aware that for digital cameras, what is scared is moisture. Mainly because the wet environment causes the optical components such as the camera lens and other parts of the camera to breed mold or rust spots, and the digital cameras are equipped with electrical equipment such as integrated circuits. The humid environment has a great influence on the electrical equipment, which can lead to digital Serious problems such as malfunction of the camera's electrical components.

what can we do about it? You can consider purchasing a waterproof cover for your camera. For example, if you are using Canon's powershota70, you can purchase the matching wp-dc700 waterproof cover, which will enable the camera to work normally under the maximum depth of 40 meters. There are also many techniques for using digital cameras on rainy days. For example, after using a digital camera in a hot and humid environment in a rainy day, you should clean the soft flannel in time to gently remove the water droplets on the camera surface, and then use the rubber to blow the ball. Blow the slits of each part once, place the camera in a dry and ventilated place, and place it in direct sunlight. Test the camera for malfunction after drying, and store it in a sealed container. For moisture-proof methods in storage containers, you can place some desiccant or choose a simple sealed moisture-proof box. The desiccant can be used in both discarding and recycling. The former will swell and pulverize after water absorption. The latter is called the water glass moisture-proofing agent. It is blue when it starts to use, and it will be invalid when the water is turned into pink. Dry, table lamp irradiation ring is microwave oven baked, change back to blue and then use. There are many ways to waterproof and protect digital cameras, and the methods of demanding are similar. If it is long-term storage, you can choose to seal the moisture-proof box. The higher-level electronic moisture-proof box can also control the required humidity, but pay attention to the humidity of the moisture-proof box and the lower the better, in general, it is most suitable for camera storage. If the humidity is too low at 40-50% RH, the lubricant on some parts of the digital camera may dry up.