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What are the main functions of Fanak Electronics to analyze the nitrogen cabinet?
- 2018-08-01-

What are the primary effects of Fanak Electronics to explain the nitrogen cabinet ? The nitrogen cabinet is used for various dehumidification skills to reduce the humidity in the cabinet, so as to reach the targets of moisture proof, mildew proof, oxidation prevention, rust prevention and micro moisture absorption.

Nitrogen is playing a major role in the outside of the instrument facilities. Many facilities have nitrogen, nitrogen oven, automatic nitrogen cabinet, etc.; the effect of nitrogen is usually used as usual: one is not easy to use NN three keys The chemistry of the chemical reaction uses gaseous nitrogen as the back gas. Anti-oxidation effect; the second is the use of liquid nitrogen to easily prepare and exist in the temper, using liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant. The use of instrumentation facilities also uses the two tempers to carry forward its results.

The fully automatic nitrogen cabinet is primarily used to store ICs, BGAs, tight electronic components, extraordinary chemicals, semiconductor devices, optical electronics, printed circuit boards, optical films and lenses, and tight instruments and meters. It plays a very strong anti-oxidation effect and reaches a protective agent. Nitrogen outside the nitrogen oven also acts as an anti-oxidation agent. Some materials are particularly expensive. When the article is heated, it is more easily oxidized by oxygen outside the atmosphere. The nitrogen gas can be stopped to some extent. When using the vacuum drying box, if you want to quickly cool down in the vacuum box, you can also fill the inside with nitrogen to fill the refrigerant. After the vacuum drying box is completed, you can not fill the atmosphere immediately, and the temperature inside the chamber is too high. After the oxygen outside the atmosphere enters, there will probably be self-ignition. After filling with nitrogen, the temperature in the chamber can be cooled rapidly, and there is material in the chamber.