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Fanak Electronics tells you how to maintain the moisture-proof box?
- 2018-07-31-

Fanak Electronics reports how your moisture barriers are normally protected?

1. Before storing the items, let the cabinet run for 24 hours and check to see if the humidity falls to a lower level. When the humidity in the cabinet is lower than the set value, the red power supply makes the light clear; when the humidity falls to the set value, the red power supply causes the light to be off, and the power supply is actively cut off.

2. When the door is opened and closed and the temperature difference in the morning is large, the humidity will have a bump of 5 to 10% RH, and the humidity control deviation is about 5%. When the object is placed in the cabinet, the humidity in the cabinet will rise due to the moisture exposed by the object itself, or the humidity will fall after 1 to 2, and it will take longer for the exposed paper or cloth to fall. some.

3. In the dehumidification era, the internal leaf door of the dehumidification movement is turned over, and the temperature of the surface is slightly lower. This is abnormal. Please do not mistake it for the dehumidification movement. Do you usually have the door closed? When you open the door, you can owe it when you open the door. You should not use the era to cover the vents on the back of the dehumidification movement.

4. The following application of the invention is one of the following conditions, and it is confirmed that the movement is obstructed. Please exclude the four moving screws of the movement and fully levy the movement to our company or our nearest sales service. Our service team will serve you in the most owed time:

1). The light is clear, the humidity meter has always been in the wet area >60RH%, according to the copy check, the humidity in the cabinet still can not fall.

2). The lamp is not clear, the hygrometer always refers to the wet zone >60RH%, and the lamp is unknown according to the imitation.

3). Re-bounce the hygrometer by hand, facing the glass point, why is there a big move? If the watch pointer has a large jump to the low-humidity section, that is, whether it can be obstructed by the humidity meter, or if the humidity meter is replaced indirectly, the movement is not replaced.

Protection and nursery:

1. Please do not power off to avoid affecting the application.

2. Please check the display in the upper right corner of the moisture-proof box to see if the temperature and humidity meet the requirements.

3. Do not cover the vents on the back dehumidifier.

4. Keep the surface neat and not accumulate at the top of the moisture barrier.