Farnak Electronics tells you what is the role of the electronic moisture barrier?
- 2018-08-01-

Farnak Electronics tells you what is the role of the electronic moisture barrier ?

Wet the risk of dealing with electronic components. 1. Liquid crystal devices, liquid crystal devices and other liquid crystal devices, glass substrates and polarizers, filter lenses are in the process of production, of course, washing and drying, but after it is cooled, it will still be affected by moisture, the yield of high-reduction products . It is to be stored in a boring condition of 40% rh after being washed and dried.

2. The remaining electronic devices, integrating resistance furnaces, capacitors, ceramic devices, connectors, switches. If the product electronic whole machine is stored at high humidity and high temperature, it will cause problems. Dealing with the computer card cpu will cause the gold finger to oxidize and cause the sputum to cause problems. The production of the electronics industry and the storage of the product should be 40% higher. Some types of electronic devices require lower humidity. The electronic moisture-proof box can handle humidity, which is the best choice for electronic component storage. Electronic devices outside the course of the course, between the semi-products outside the package and the high-level process, between the pcb package and after the package to the power supply, after the unpacking, but not yet used ic, bga, pcb, etc. The device, the device that is to be warmed up after baking, and the product that has not been packaged, are subject to the risk of moisture. The need to work with the electronic moisture-proof box to deal with the atmosphere of the workshop and the stack? Strict humidity control, to reach the best atmosphere of the electronic components workshop production and stack storage relative humidity scale.