What are the functions of Zhian Cunzhi's intelligent material storage cabinet?
- 2018-08-01-

What are the functions of Zhian Cunzhi 's intelligent material storage cabinet? Unpacking the password: The smart letter box sets the keyboard, and the user enters the set password on the keyboard to open the password. Each user can individually set a set of 4 to 8 bit open box passwords. The administrator can set the user's permission to modify the unpacking password on the management menu.

Box number management: The intelligent letter box control system can set the box number on site according to the needs of the user. The box number can be set to be exactly the same as the room number;

User-friendly local management: no need to network with other systems. The administrator can enter the management menu by swiping the management card or entering the management password. The administrator can realize all operations of the intelligent letter box and user information management through the keyboard, query the user's out of box record, set the user to open the box, and the number of boxes. , system date and time, user usage time, modify user password and set user card and emergency door opening and other functions.