What are the conditions for managing smart revolving cabinet personnel?
- 2018-08-01-

What are the conditions for managing smart revolving cabinet personnel? Archives are the original records of the survival costs of people who are indirectly caused by various social activities. Has become the main information capital of today's society. Then I asked the file management staff to be outside the theoretical booth, shouldering the responsibility of managing and covering the files, and doing the beauty file management. From the true point of view, the quality of things handled by archives and the efficiency of things depend indirectly on the comprehensive nature of file management staff.

Archives managers must have a weak political nature. Archives is a political and service-oriented thing. The archives management staff indirectly maintains the main secrets of the party and the country, and must maintain accurate political bias and have a high political essence.

The duty of the archives management staff is to protect the integrity of the archives. That is both the fundamental mission of filekeeping and the goal of filekeeping. The specific mission of file keeping is to make sure that there is no bad, no picking, no gathering, no governance. Keep the filekeeping staff consistent, be careful, avoid the destruction of files, and ensure the peace of the files.

Archives must have certain confidentiality. Archives management staff must consciously abide by the "Secret Method" and "Archives Law". They cannot stack files randomly. When it comes to swindling, it is necessary to solve the problem of stealing secrets from the United States, and dealing with files with higher levels of confidentiality. It must be strictly conducted in accordance with the authority of examination and approval, so that the state-wild-machine-secret is not disclosed from the booth.

Respect the file, respect the archives of the archives, and ask the archives staff to protect the archives and the original appearance of the facts. There is no content and characteristics that can be arbitrarily falsified and filthy, and there is no discriminating file that allows for subjective judgment. No matter what the environment is high, we must do our best, keep it according to the actual situation, according to the useful files, respect the history, dereliction of duty, protect the archives of the real appearance, and all the tampering files, filthy and sweaty struggle.