Electronic moisture-proof cabinet manufacturer Fanuc Electronics tells you what effect moisture has on electronic components?
- 2018-08-01-

Electronic moisture-proof cabinet manufacturer Fanuc Electronics tells you what effect moisture has on electronic components? If the finished electronic whole machine is stored for too long in a high-humidity environment, it will cause a malfunction, and the CPU of the computer card will oxidize the gold finger and cause contact failure. The production environment of electronic industry products and the storage environment of products should be below 40%. Some varieties of electronic products require lower humidity. Therefore, many electronic component manufacturers will use moisture-proof boxes or moisture-proof cabinets, but the traditional moisture-proof boxes are not accurate, storage conditions are unstable, and they are not in line with modern people's experience, and Fanuc Electronics' intelligent storage series intelligent storage Cabinet, combined with Internet + technology, to provide better technical support and services for the majority of users

Zhiancun high-end series can also be used in product feeding and outbound management, and also launched the latest environmental protection series, which can realize material recycling and recycling, material storage and delivery all integrated operation, which is intelligent The storage device can be said to be groundbreaking design and development.

1. Liquid crystal device: The glass substrate and the polarizer and the filter lens of the liquid crystal device such as the liquid crystal display barrier are cleaned and dried in the production, but they are still affected by the moisture after the temperature is lowered, and the yield of the product is lowered. Therefore, it should be stored in a dry environment below 40% RH after drying.

2. Other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic devices, wipers, switch parts, solder, PCB, wafer, quartz oscillator, SMT glue, electrode material adhesive, electronic paste, highly bright devices, etc., will be wet Hazard.

3. The finished electronic machine will also be exposed to moisture during the warehouse process. If the storage time is too long in a high environment, it will lead to failure. For computer IC, BGA, PCB, etc., the device waiting for the soldering of the tin furnace is baked. Rewarmed devices, unpackaged products, etc., are subject to moisture.

4. Integrated Circuits: The harm of moisture to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in the fact that moisture can penetrate into the IC through the IC plastic package and from the gaps of the pins, resulting in IC moisture absorption.

Water vapor is formed in the heating process of the SMT process, and the generated pressure causes the IC resin to be cracked and the IC device

Internal metal oxidation causes product failure. In addition, when the device is released during the soldering process of the PCB due to water vapor pressure, it will also cause solder joints.