What are the daily maintenance of the intelligent rotary cabinet?
- 2018-08-01-

What are the daily maintenance of the intelligent rotary cabinet ? The advantages of the filing cabinet are that it can effectively prevent dust and other harmful substances from invading, and it is very effective in preserving the files, and the handling is convenient; but there are also his shortcomings. The old filing cabinets are expensive and occupy The effective space of the warehouse is also relatively large, and the storage per unit area is small.

1. First, try to avoid the file cabinet being exposed to moisture. In the process of use, the file cabinet should be protected from moisture, otherwise it will easily cause rust on the surface of the filing cabinet, affecting the beauty and use of the filing cabinet. Moreover, the file cabinet generally needs to store data, the data can not touch the water, it is easy to damage the file, so it is necessary to avoid the file cabinet and moisture contact.

2. Secondly, avoid sharp objects to scratch the surface of the filing cabinet. In the usual use of the file cabinet, it is necessary to try to contact the file cabinet with sharp objects. If the surface layer of the file cabinet is scratched, the first is to affect the appearance of the file cabinet, and the second is easier to make the file cabinet oxidize and rust.

3. When cleaning the file rules, it is best to wipe them off with a clean rag, then dry them with a dry cloth to avoid moisture residue, resulting in rusting of the file cabinet.