FU/FUA/FUB/FUC/FTA double "core" digital control series

Product Details

Electronic moisture-proof box product features:

First, the fully automatic digital microcomputer F08 control board, no manual operation, plug and play (PNP).

Second, the combination of Farnak's superior technology, stable performance and powerful functions.

Third, up to 10 status indicators, the equipment working status is normal, with quick maintenance function.

Fourth, the “quick” digital sensor has higher precision and faster response.

Five, Fanuc patents - temperature compensation technology, effectively ensure that the accuracy of the product is better.

Sixth, the use of computer-based intelligent sleep technology, energy-saving effects significantly improved.

Seventh, the site and Farnak efficient expansion of the CPU perfectly, without the need to disassemble the motherboard, you can complete the drift correction and technology upgrade in the field, greatly reducing the cost of customer update equipment.

Eight, CPU power-down memory function eliminates your worries.

Nine, DOU-CHIP double "core" control using the latest concepts and technology, moisture control is more stable, the degree of resurgence is reduced to an unprecedented level, dehumidification efficiency is higher.

Specification model