FTHT/FTHU intelligent dual digital control series

FTHT/FTHU intelligent dual digital control series

Product Details

Electronic moisture-proof box product features :

FTHT/FTHU intelligent dual digital control series

1. High-steel structure cabinet body, no deformation, no rust, high load-bearing capacity, no gas leakage, exquisite and beautiful.

Second, the electrostatic design: ESD electrostatic baking paint (surface resistance value is 106 ~ 109Ω), the conductive static brake wheel communicates directly with the earth to avoid static electricity generated by low humidity and effectively protect components.

Third, the control method: the use of expert control algorithm for moisture control, high control accuracy, system humidity stability.

Fourth, the display mode: Microcomputer dual digital display, the current temperature, humidity at the same time independent display, accurate display.

Fifth, environmental protection design: no noise, no dripping, no frosting, high efficiency and energy saving.

Sixth, dehumidification host: patent dehumidification structure, with power-off memory function.

Seven, dual power supply: exclusive use of dual power standby power supply mode, to provide a stable power guarantee for the equipment.

Eight, calibration function: the use of imported US new generation digital temperature and humidity sensor, higher accuracy and reliability, free of calibration within ten years.