Energy saving nitrogen cabinet

Energy saving nitrogen cabinet

Product Details

Energy- saving nitrogen cabinet product parameters:

Basic parameters

Model (6 doors): KS1188-6

Model (12 doors): KS1188-12

Specification (mm): 1200*670*184

Power (W): 32

Humidity display (%RH): 0~99.9

Humidity control (%RH): 1~50

Temperature display (C): -9.9~99.9

Temperature control (C): none

Value gas concentration display (%): blending

Ammonia concentration control (%): optional


Royal Data Monitoring: Just configure an 8-inch smart touch system in the cabinet to automatically back up data in real time, or remotely back up to a remote server. The data storage capacity is larger, and the current data and historical data can be retrieved in real time. . All in all, the monitoring method is freely chosen by the customer, which is obviously superior to the plug-in small-capacity storage data method or the third-party instrument monitoring data mode. The intelligent nitrogen control adopts advanced nitrogen control technology, and the ammonia control I0 is completely independent. The intermittent ammonia control mode can maximize the service life of the solenoid valve. The system is equipped with an emergency stop technology to allow the running nitrogen filling process to open. Temporarily interrupted during the process to prevent nitrogen leakage and protect customer safety. Configure the nitrogen control synchronization indicator to keep the nitrogen filling process under control

Exceeding the warning - the humidity is higher than the set value by 2 points to start the pre-fabrication device.