Clean stainless steel nitrogen cabinet

Clean stainless steel nitrogen cabinet

Product Details

Clean stainless steel nitrogen cabinet product features:

  • Cabinet material: double mirror stainless steel SUS304# material;

  • Stainless steel grid plate: made of mirror stainless steel 304# material;

  • FFU fan: imported ultra-quiet DC fan, the outer casing is made of stainless steel mirror material;

  • ULPA filter: imported brand, 0.12μm filtration efficiency 99.99995%;

  • Display mode: microcomputer digital (LED) display; temperature and humidity are displayed simultaneously;

  • Temperature and humidity sensor: Imported brand temperature and humidity sensor, high precision and good stability

  • Cleanliness in the cabinet: meet the particle standard of ≤10ea00.1um≤2ea0.2um;

  • In addition to the electrostatic effect: the installation of the imported tweezers fan in the cabinet to eliminate static electricity, after drying for 2-4h, to ensure that the static residual voltage value in the cabinet is less than 50v;

  • Dehumidification rate: When the empty cabinet is operated with a nitrogen flow rate of 80-100 LPM, the humidity in the cabinet is reduced from 50% RH to 15% RH for no more than 30 minutes.

  • Multiple Fanak electronic moisture-proof boxes can be connected into the network. Through the latest network monitoring software of Fanuc, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity can be realized on the same computer platform (the traditional temperature and humidity monitoring system can only monitor one electronic computer by one computer). Moisture proof equipment).

  • Collect complete temperature and humidity curves and temperature and humidity data of multiple electronic moisture-proof boxes in the same computer window

  • Memory function: It can accurately record the temperature, humidity and temperature and humidity graphs of multiple moisture-proof boxes and download and archive them for a long time.

  • Efficient management: scientifically record temperature and humidity data and charts, changing traditional manual recording and testing

  • Scientific calibration: Built-in calibration function, can be upgraded in the field without removing any parts to keep the sensing system accurate