Standard nitrogen cabinet

Standard nitrogen cabinet

Product Details

Intelligent nitrogen cabinet product features:

First, the nitrogen control method: (three choose one of the control methods)

1. Humidity setting control: Control the entry of nitrogen according to the humidity setting value. When the humidity in the cabinet reaches the humidity setting value, the system stops nitrogen filling (in order to better save nitrogen, the buffer value is ±3). %RH).

2, O2 concentration set value control: according to the setting of the oxygen concentration value in the cabinet to control the entry of nitrogen, when the oxygen concentration in the cabinet inside the cabinet reaches the oxygen concentration set value, the system stops nitrogen filling.

3. Time control: The microcomputer sets the intake time to fill the nitrogen.

Second, the display mode:

Microcomputer digital (LED) display, temperature, humidity or oxygen concentration, temperature can be displayed independently.

Temperature display range: 0°C—99°C; display accuracy: ±1°C;

Humidity display range: 1% RH - 99% RH; display accuracy: ± 3% RH;

O2 concentration display range: 0.1% - 20.0%, display accuracy: ± 0.5%;

Third, the scope of control:

Humidity: 1% RH -60% RH can be set;

Oxygen concentration: 0.1% - 20.0% can be set;

Fourth, sound and light alarm:

The humidity value / oxygen concentration value of the alarm can be set;

Sound and light alarm is triggered when the set value is exceeded;

Five, intelligent nitrogen filling:

Rapid dehumidification, oxidation prevention, nitrogen cost savings, and reduced operating costs.