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Industrial intelligence

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Hangzhou Fanak Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience in developing IWMS intelligent warehouse safe storage management system and intelligent environment control system (temperature control, humidity control, and control of regas concentration). The competitive R&D team carries out the whole process development from the chip, including equipment structure, process and control board hardware and software development and production. We are committed to the "technical intelligence, economic globalization, market internationalization" competition platform.

our products

IWMS intelligent electronic warehouse safe storage management system, electronic humidity control temperature equipment, intelligent nitrogen cabinet, constant temperature and humidity storage box, etc. and provide customers with excellent performance based on IoT technology storage system overall solution;

our client

China's weapons industry, China Power Group, aerospace, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, research institutes, semiconductor industry, LED industry, communications electronics, automotive electronics, optics, photography and multimedia.

Our goal

Fanak will adhere to the fine tradition, persist in innovation, and constantly surpass. It is committed to controlling the core business of IMS and storage environment (temperature, temperature, ammonia concentration) through intelligent warehouse management system through professional technology and comprehensive customer service. To create an industry-leading brand, lead the industry, create greater value for users and society.